Moose Tours

26th June – 14th Aug

Daily Moose Tours @ 11am and 1pm (no advanced booking necessarily)

Adult (+16y): 120 SEK

Youth (8-15y): 65 SEK

Children (4-7): 35 SEK

A unique experience

At Moose Garden we can offer you a pleasant and scenic accommodation. The site is located in a high position with amazing views of the lake and the mountains of Jämtland. In addition to a magical panorama you can experience the king of the forest from the kitchen window. One of our most popular activities is to join one of our moose tours where we mingle and socialize with these amazing animals.

If you are seeking tranquility and proximity to the mountains is Moose Garden worth a visit. In addition to the guided Moose tours we can also offer a variety of other activities such as; fishing, hiking, kayaking, biking, etc.

Moose Garden is located only 15 km from Östersund and are easy to reach with both flight and trains. Welcome!